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January 17, 2016
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February 8, 2016

Inventory Management Software for Pharma

Inventory Management Software

The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace, and with it facing tremendous competition and regulatory constraints. Rising customer expectations, shorter delivery cycles, improved distribution capabilities and lower costs are compounding demands from the market. A huge emphasis is being given to streamline the entire supply chain management which can only be achieved automating the end to end points with modern and easy Inventory Management Software.

Columbus warehouse and inventory management software has dedicated its experts in meeting the rising demands from the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from moving out of the conventional ERP deployment technologies, that not only consume lots of money but also time, Columbus is offering a single click deployment ready application on cloud which is also extremely convenient to the pocket. Apart from deployment efficiency, Columbus emphasises the reduction in the user’s learning curve to adapt to the software automation. With extremely easy user experience design and hot action buttons, Columbus has been designed by SaaS on-boarding experts to make the software extremely adaptable.

Attending to typical needs of the pharma industry, Columbus takes are from the procurement of raw materials and chemicals for drug manufacture, by providing an online login to suppliers who can quickly update their SKUs and costs. The procurement manager can use the in built analytics to identify dead stocks, frequently ordered materials, and place the order with a single click. The inventory management software also detects the best supplier for the product based on a proprietary algorithm SUPRAT. The automation helps is creating immediate visibility of placed orders to the suppliers and also to the Warehouse Manager who can prepare for material inwards in real time. Materials received and be sorted based on lot numbers and can also be split into smaller units and stored at designated bins in the warehouse. Columbus also supports intra warehouse transfers that can be used to track materials sent for production. The finished drug can be maintained as a separate SKU ready for distribution via the multi fulfillment sales channels.

This is what we understand as the end to end supply chain management automated using Columbus Inventory Management Software.