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October 28, 2015
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January 31, 2016

Inventory Management for Small Business

inventory management for small business

Increasingly, small to medium size businesses are facing quite a crunch in procuring an automation for their Inventory management. The business of Inventory management solutions has been focusing on large companies only with offerings of quite expensive software solutions. Moreover, most of these software come as a part of a larger ERP solution, which forces the customer to purchase a larger software which they seldom use. Inventory management for small business face a definite challenge with very few software offerings.

Columbus warehouse and inventory management solution is among the very few software that has been designed for easy use by both Large enterprises and small companies. It’s SaaS model provides an easy to access inventory management for small business to leverage the power of automation with easy monthly subscriptions. Not only the price, but Columbus goes live with a single click and within 30 seconds, making it very user friendly. When compared to larger ERP software, which takes huge investments on software license and has large implementation cycles, Columbus gives immediate benefit from day 1. More and more organisations are moving out of the traditional ERP systems to cloud based SaaS solutions which are easy to use, flexible to adapt, goes live instantly and has very little change management overheads.