100% Secure cloud based Warehouse and Inventory Management Software saves you lots of money and time when compared to traditional install based softwares.

  • Product Management

    Facility to record and manage products in Detail.

    • Product Variant

      Columbus provides you with options to define different variants of a product and can even apply different parameters like Re-ordering Stock level while defining the product and variants.

    • Rich Product Catalogue

      Showcase the products with Categories, Brands and different Variants . Pictures of products and variants can be added. Organize all the information using steamlined navigation for the end users.

    • Bill of Material

      Product Manager can define the materials required for any product manufacturing. It also allows the user to define material parts in the product itself . Product Manager can create Bill of Material as per Quotation or procurement needs. Supplier can enter their quotes against each item in the BOM directly from their login.

    • Re-Order Levels

      Columbus Inventory Management allows users to define Reorder level of a product by which the procurement manager can procure the stock whenever the level approaches. It can be defined either at the product level or even at the variant level. Proprietary algorithm allows users to also set re-order levels automatically. 

    • Product Analytics

      Columbus provides the Product Manager with various Business Analytics to improve Product Quality and Sales. Columbus has Graphical and tabular representation to measure the state of products with various parameters like Product Expiry, Ageing etc.


  • Procurement

    Assists Procurement Manager to deliver better

    • Supplier Creation

      Procurement Manager can add a supplier within the system. Once added, the supplier will be able to securely login to the system and create their own profile . With this the supplier can give price list with various parameters like Time of delivery , Selling Price etc., With this kind of approach Procurement manager does not need to raise any special request to Supplier for Price list or Quotation.

    • RFQ

      Procurement Manager can Raise an RFQ for all the suppliers for Bill of Materials defined for product. This makes the work of a procurement manager to understand suppliers Selling prices for raising the Purchase order for BOM.

    • Purchase Order

      As a part of automation , Procurement Manager can see the detailed price list of all the suppliers against every product. With this the procurement manager can directly analyze the best deal and raise Purchase order as per requirement.

    • Intra-Warehouse Transfer

      Columbus is not only limited to Sales but also has an option to track Stock movements from one warehouse to another. This allows user to understand the Warehouse level or region level Supply of Goods.

    • Stock Ageing

      With this option Procurement Manager can analyze the pending Stock in the inventory. This allows user to plan Production and Procurement.



  • Sales Management

    Better Visibility, Planning & Achievement for Sales

    • Customer Creation

      The system allows user to create a customer with different parameters – Type of Customer , Credit limits if any etc., User also can define shipping addresses and Billing address for the customers.

    • Customer Groups

      This is similar to a customer loyalty program. Different kinds of Customer Groups can be created. Product level selling price can be defined group-wise so that an entire category of customers receive special price for the products. This also allows to do a bulk group change of customers to either downgrade or upgrade their privileges.

    • Debit & Credit Sales

      The system allows user to capture Debit and Credit Sales as well. This also allows sales manager to track the Sales. With this approach the finance manager or sales manager can raise a credit or debit note once paid.

    • Sample Product Issue

    Columbus allows Sales manager to track the sample products issued . Samples can be issued in three           ways .i.e., Adjustable, Returnable and non returnable. Depending on the type of issue the system will           do necessary treatment of the transaction.

    • Sales Order

    Sales Manager can raise a Sales Order on behalf of Customer . This can be either Credit or Sales.         Schemes defined if any for a product will be automatically applied while raising sales order. This also will      block the stock for the customer.


  • warehouse

    Warehouse Management

    Save Time & Money with Warehouse Efficiency

    • Multi-Warehouse

      This allows user to monitor all the warehouse related activities including Sales, Intra-warehouse transfer, Quality Control and Other Stock and Customer related operations. User can also get a realtime view of all the warehouse stocks.

    • Warehouse Bay Planning

      Warehouse Storage can be planned up to a minute level with three level architecture . i.e., Warehouse –> Location –> Bay –> Bin.

    • Stock Inwards

      The system has an option to take multiple kinds of inwards . i.e., from a Supplier , from other warehouse or from any other source. This also has an option to capture the condition of the goods received. Shortage of goods can also be entered into the system for further action by procurement manager.

    • Quality Control

    QC for the stock can be done in the system. Authorized user can change the condition of the Stock to various status like Good to Damage, Damage to Good etc.

    • Waybill Tracking

    With this the customer can know the transporter and shipment details with the batch and manufacturing date, Expiry date of the products supplied. The system also will suggest the warehouse manager with the bin and batch.

    • Return & Replacement

    Stock can be returned to warehouse by Customer. This allows the customer to buy some other products with that amount. Replacement can also be done for the same product replacement.


  • finance

    Finance Management

    Track every Invoice and Payment

    • Payment Details

      Finance Manager can capture the payment details from the customer . Payment can be made via cheque, cash or bank transfer. All the details can be captured.

    • Invoice Management

      Finance manager can raise an invoice based on the payment of an Order. With this acknowledgement, the warehouse manager will raise waybill and supply the stock.

    • Supplier Payments

      Finance manager can update the status of payment.

    • Integrations

      Integrations with 3rd party accounting systems like Xero, Tally, etc.


  • inventory management solution

    Supplier Management

    Real Time Supplier Updates

    • Supplier Login

      Procurement Manager can add a supplier with in the system. Once added , the supplier will be able to login to the system and create his own profile. With this the supplier can give price list with various parameters like Time of delivery , Selling Price etc., Supplier also will be entering the batch details of the goods supplying.

    • Product Price-list

      Supplier can define the price list of the product with various parameters like Selling Price, Delivery lead time, minimum selling Quantity etc.

    • Supplier Profile

      Supplier can enter profile details like unique selling point, product origins etc.

    • Bill of Lading

      Supplier can enter Batch No, MFD and Shipment details of the Goods supplying.


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